Hospitals and Institutions

24-Hour Helpline

(408) 998-4200

The Hospitals and Institutions sub-committee carries the message of recovery to addicts who might not be able to attend regular meetings. Some places H&I takes meetings include hospitals, detox centers and jails. Encountering addicts in these settings can help provide a more realistic perspective, keeping our memory “green” and intensifying our gratitude. Sharing through H&I is a direct, personal form of service which reinforces both our commitment and our understanding of the program. H&I meets at 6:30PM on the first Wednesday of the month at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1100 Shasta Avenue, San Jose, 95126. It’s on the corner of Shasta Avenue and The Alameda. The meeting will be held in the Fireside Room. For more information, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Working the Steps With Inmates Program

If you are interested in sponsoring an addict that is incarcerated through the mail, please fill out our form below.

Requirements for the Working the Steps with Inmates Program:


  • You have at least 1 year clean
  • You are active in recovery
  • You have worked the 12 steps of NA before
  • You are willing to help an addict that is incarcerated work the steps through the mail


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