The Greater San Jose Area

Subcommittee Meetings

24-Hour Helpline

(408) 998-4200

Want to be of service but don’t know how to contact our service subcommittees?

Check out the links below for information on how to join all of the GSJANA service subcommittees.

Hospitals & Institutions

 1100 Shasta Ave. San Jose Ca  

1st Wednesday  6:30 PM 



1100 Shasta Ave, San Jose CA

3rd Thursday 7PM

Public Information

Zoom ID: 982 4163 8386

Password: 275967

2nd Wednesday 7:30PM

JAC Meeting

Zoom ID: 865 9579 4041

Password: 340637

3rd Wednesday  6:30 PM

Events Council

Zoom ID: 965 3413 5334

Password: 287943

2nd Monday 6:30PM

Area Service

Zoom ID: 772 3387 6087

Password: 589092

4th Wednesday 6:30PM


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